Local Farmers

The Market Fresno bridges the gap between local producers and the entire country. We stock our shelves with all things local and fresh, mixing it up with the flavors of the season so you can always ‘eat the rainbow’!

You’ll find a variety of meats and cuts from beef, pork, lamb and chicken and the freshest seafood- all ready for your kitchen.

Walk down our vegetable section and feast your eyes on the colorful display of fruits and vegetables, all seasonal throughout summer and fall from juicy strawberries to refreshing cucumbers, pumpkins and squash, peaches, corn, watermelon and cantaloupe – all locally grown!

The Market Fresno places a high priority in sourcing, selecting and selling locally grown and produced vegetables, wine, meat, nuts, sauces and other products, which means we have the densest selection of local farmer’s products in the valley – something that we have always been known for. It is our pride and joy after all! Folks in and around the community know that we get the really good stuff that you cannot find anywhere else.

What’s more? The Market Fresno is the only place where you’ll find Fresno State’s farmers market produce being sold, off-campus.

Harvest Fields Organic Farm | The Market Grocery Store Fresno

Harvest Field Organic Farm

Harvest Fields Organic Farm is a certified organic farm located on the campus of Fresno Adventist Academy, in southeast Fresno. Their acreage is split among four acres of navel oranges, eight acres of field-grown fruits and vegetables, four greenhouses, and a very happy flock of 130 pasture-fed chickens with sheep on the way.

They started the farm in January 2014 because they believe that the best education you can give young people is a hands on, practical one. They are a non-profit organization partnering with the K-12 school there to provide the opportunity for children to learn math, science and especially work ethic outside in the fresh air. Along with providing a powerful tool for education, it is their earnest motive to provide nutritious organic produce at a reasonable cost to the community.

Robert Johnson Farm | The Market Grocery Store Fresno

Robert Johnson Farms

Located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, Robert Johnson Farms has been producing high quality table grapes and raisins since 1958. They specialize in the growing, packaging, and distribution of fresh California table grapes worldwide. Robert Johnson Farms is located in Madera and is a family owned and operated business. It continues to thrive today having ventured into producing new grape varieties and expanding its facilities. Robert Johnson Farms has maintained its tradition of excellence throughout the years and strives to deliver the best quality products for today’s consumers.

Peach on Earth Farm | The Market Grocery Store Fresno

Peach On Earth Farms

Peach on Earth Farms features the sweetest peaches and freshest fruit in Fresno, California. Alex and Mary Lou Hurtado are the proud owners of Peach on Earth Farms. In 2002, the husband and wife team purchased the 15 acres of peach trees and five acres of open land from their friend Jeff Klein. The two have since retired from their jobs and, with lots of help from family and friends, work full time on the farm to bring you sweet and savory peaches and other fresh produce. Alex and Mary Lou are both native Californians. Alex spent his childhood and much of his adult life in the nearby farming community of Kerman. Mary Lou was born in the California city of Van Nuys and was raised in Yuma, Arizona and Fresno. They have been married for over 40 years and have two children, Mariadela and Daniel.

Fresno State Farm | The Market Grocery Store Fresno

Fresno State Agricultural Department

Our Fresno State products including sweet corn, wine, grapes and ice cream have been either grown, packaged, and/or processed by Fresno State and its students. Governed by a board of directors, the Agricultural Foundation of California State University, Fresno is composed of approximately 27 enterprise units that provide our students with a hands-on experience by operating and managing the University Farm Laboratory.

The University Farm Laboratory is a vital part of the education program for the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology and is used to support courses offered by the seven departments within the college.

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